Ice Cream at Tillamook – and How the Media is Covering it

See Tillamook Ice Cream at

Hey y’all. I wanted to share this link with you about Tillamook Ice-cream. Along with a campaign to advertise their absolutely, down-right, amazing cheese, they are also advertizing their even more, down-right, absolutely amazing ice cream!  In this post I will include one of their more recent commercials pulled from YouTube. I watched this side by side with a few of their cheese commercials and found that the commercial was done a bit differently form that of the cheese-mercials. They had a testimonial type format with a strong family-like appeal which gave me a feel-good feeling through out the commercial. I especially like the kid’s compliments; they were cute and caught my attention. I couldn’t resist not feeling the desire to try some of Tillamook’s ice-cream afterward, and I believe you will feel the same way. I think that this was a very effective advertisement that should yield higher sales in the future, but more importantly higher satisfied taste buds with those customers.



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