Tillamook’s Loaf Life Blog

I really like this advertising approach Tillamook is taking by doing a blog of their own entitled “The Loaf Life” blog (Tillamook likes to interchangeably use the word Loaf for Love). This blog is unique in that each month they do a “fan of the month” post. The most recent post covered a fan from St. George Utah who wrote a humorous limerick about Tillamook cheese and Ice-cream. I think this use of media for advertising is quite effective. Why? By getting their fans involved and participating they not only increase the love and loyalty they receive from their fans (which can lead to more frequent word-of mouth advertising to friends and community), but they also are able to connect in a nonthreatening way to new-comers showing how customer oriented their company is. I like when companies include their fans, I think that including your fans and allowing yourself to be vulnerable allows fans and customers to trust what you do which can trickle into your product as well.

Check out the Tillamook Loaf Life Blog at Tillamook.com/community


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