Tillamook Effective on Facebook?

I attended a seminar today in place of class (I actually have no idea what to call it). A lady from the University of Florida gave a presentation on content analysis specifically regarding Facebook. She mentioned 6 things that companies with Facebook can do to build a relationship with their customers; Openness, access, networking, assurance, task sharing, and another one that slips my mind. Let’s describe these and see whether or not Tillamook’s Facebook page uses these.

Openness, Openness refers to how open the company is on Facebook. To find this out you can look at the info tab. How open are they about who they are, what they do, what they have, and their purpose if there is one. Check out Tillamook’s info tab on their Facebook page and see:

Access. How accessible is Tillamook? Do they provide contact information? an address? Under the same info tab on their FB (Facebook) page they offer where they are located, they also provide a link to their main web page which contains all their contact info for questions concerns and so forth. In addition they are constantly inviting people to comment on what they are posting. I think that Tillamook is very accessible.

Networking. This refers to whether or no they branch out to other companies or products that their customers may also be interested in. Take a look under their info tab as well and see how many different companies, products and events not connected to Tillamook that they’ve “liked”. Here they are for quick reference:

Bashas’ Supermarkets, Tillamook County General Hospital, Widmer Brothers Brewing, Little Big Burger, Pepper Box, Hello Design, Soda Pop Public Relations, American Cheese Month, The Wedge – Portland, 52 Kitchen Adventures, Hosea Rosenberg, Rackhouse Pub, Rooster & Moon, Hutch and Spoon, Masterpiece Delicatessenand 143 more This company is the king of networking!

Oh hold that thought as we move on to Assurance. The presenter represented Assurance in one way as to whether the company would respond to a wall post made by somebody on the FB Wall. As I was writing this I made a post on the Tillamook FB wall and within 13 minutes I got a response. I got the proof right here:

I’ll tell you what, I felt quite good to see that and so quickly too. I was impressed and even though I am already a devoted customer, I am even more devoted now.

The last one that I can remember from the presentation was Task Sharing. This was described as to whether they ask for comments, or do polls. Tillamook does both.

Tillamook has 183,889 likes, and for such a small company that is impressive. I think that they do an amazing Facebook page, and by analyzing their content (which is what the presentation was about) anyone would agree. I’d bet my cheese on it.


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