Tillamook’s media. Customer friendly and delightful

Two days ago I posted about Tillamook’s use of Facebook and discussed several ways they are being effective on their FB page with their customers (which undoubtedly will lead to an increase in sales. Who doesn’t want to buy from a company that cares about them?) While writing the entry for that day I posted on Tillamook’s FB page and received feedback almost immediately. Well one thing led to another and Tillamook discovered how passionate I was about their company and their products (I told several stories of convincing friends and strangers to try their cheese and/or ice-cream). After a few friendly conversations they asked me to be their “Fan of the Month” for the month of November. Now, I’ve posted earlier about Tillamook’s “Fan of the Month” they do each month on their blog and talked a little about how that would influence the lucky customer who became said fan and also how that kind of interaction with their fans would help portray Tillamook as a friendly and open company who cared about and loved their customers. I was just giving an educated guess, but after experiencing it for myself, I’ve been more converted to Tillamook than ever before. In addition, I tell everyone I know about it (my being chosen as “fan of the Month”) and often that leads to a conversation about Tillamook’s products. Such word-of-mouth has been a huge success for several companies in history and no doubt has helped and will help Tillamook. Now at least 10 more people know about Tillamook that likely wouldn’t have before if Tillamook hadn’t been so interactive with one of their customers; now they also have a more converted customer. No doubt I will continue to tell people of this experience as I share Tillamook through-out my life.

Take a look at Tillamook’s “Fan of the Month” for the month of November by clicking on the picture for this entry above


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